Thursday, March 5, 2009

AVON Hydrating Face Mask; Product Review

I know I know.. I'm so slow when it comes to update this blog and I am deeply sorry for that :( I am not a big fan of AVON products but I still try their facial masks 'cos I'm a face mask freak.. I looove masks :) I have a few AVON masks already, I really like the mud mask (Name is Planet Spa dead sea minerals; facial mud mask) for example for soothing my face..

I have a lot of soothing and calming masks but I ran out of hydrating masks and the one I bought previously didn't work at all, it also caused several white heads on my face so I turned it into a hydrating foot mask instead of face mask :P The one is called AVON Solutions, Hydrofirming cooling moisture gel cream, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, so stay away from that :P

I'm a Mediterranean, we love olive oil and we know its good effects on skin :) I was planning to buy this mask for a long time but it didn't have a discount for a couple of months, I finally bought it this month and I regret buying only 1 tube! It comes in a 75 ml tube with a flat cap and offers you a soft, suppled hydrated and refreshened face and guess what? It does what it claims!

The product is a pale olive green gel and smells wonderful! I'm sensitive to all kinds of smells, if something smells terrible I immediately get sick.. I could never use AVON's Japanese Rice and Sake products, they smell terrible.. I couldn't stand it! But this mask has a fresh, calming smell and it is not too strong to bother you. The texture is gelly, when you apply it on your face it gets drier.

My face is normal/combination but very dry lately, I assume 'cos of the radiators and dry hot air inside the house and school and dry cold air outside. I mean dry in the sense that it lacks its own moisture (water), not in the sense that it is not oily. In fact my T zone is oily and I know that producing oil is my face's defense mechanism against of moisture loss. It absorbs my moisturizer in 5 seconds and it is very tense lately. So I definitely need a hydrating mask (and need to drink water more than before).

I felt relieved as soon as I applied the mask and my face was so happy after rinsing it off. It looks healthier, glowier, softer and definitely smoother! Some hydrating masks make your face become oilier than before but this one does not.. I'm very satisfied.

Product: 5 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5
Would I buy again? YES! I'll stock up this mask next time there is a discount on it.
Where to buy? From any AVON representative or online if u live in the US.
Price: AVON's prices vary in each catalogue and country. You can always wait for the next discount if it is expensive for you.. I paid 7.90 TL (around 4.50 USD).


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