Saturday, March 14, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty Collection

I definitely need a MAC haul to get rid off depression! It was proved one more time yesterday.. I was so fed up with waiting Hello Kitty Collection at one instant that I decided to skip it... ...until I went to MAC Pro store :P My haul picture is on left, but it is missing 3 products; 1 is actually a sample from Milk pigment, my MUA gave me :) 1 is Fast Friends (because they gave me Nice to be Nice instead of Fast Friends mistakenly and I noticed it only after I came home :'( ), the other is Most Popular.

I asked them to hold it for me 'cos I wasn't sure at first, I thought there are dupeable colors in the permanent line but nope, there isn't any l/s as good as Most Popular. It looks really berry in the tube, but don't worry it is sheer and buildable! It doesn't make your lips too plum if you use lightly, instead it gives a great berry-ish healthy natural lips (my natural lip color is dark pinky ;) ). This l/s is moisturizing! When you apply it, it looks smooth, immediately moisturizes the lips and makes it look a little glossy. If I didn't know the finish is Lustre, I wouldn't believe it. This one is not a true Lustre I can assure you. I own other Lustre l/s's and I love Lustre finish, but the thing I love isn't this, don't get me wrong, this is waaaay better.. It stays longer, more glossy and moisturizing. The more I write about it, the more I want a backup LOL. Guess if I'd recommend it or not :P

The other lipstick I bought is Big Bow. This one was on my list, I wanted it the most in the entire HK collection. I suck when it comes to such colors 'cos I can't resist, 'cos they look good on me :P So I knew I was gonna love the color, I saw it and Oooo Goddd I fell in love at that instant!! It is a sheer, bright, intense blue-pink as described by MAC website and it truly is. The thing is, the lipstick is a pink color and there are purple-blue pearl in it! Beleieve it or not, it has the most appealing color I've ever seen from MAC (including my one and only love, Crazee. Big Bow is better... Imagine..). It may look neon to you in the tube, it is not when you apply it. So nothing to be afraid of.. If you are a lover of such pink colors, don't hesitate. Go and buy. You'll thank me :Ppp

I asked for Pink Fish TLC and my handsome MUA gave me Popster, he said it'll look better and guess what? He won :P Pink Fish turned my lips into dead lips, coral pink colored Popster gave me a great look, of course I ended up with it. It is a great moisturizer, my MUA also gave me a pile of disposable gloss brush wands. I'll apply it with a brush, I don't plan to finger this baby :P If you ask me whether this is a must-have or not.. I'd say, it depends. If you have other TLCs from MAC or other brands you don't need this at all. If you are a MAC or HK collector, then you need :P

I had an improvement in my gloss purchase habbit this time :P I didn't buy Mimmy or She Loves Candy, 'cos I have tons of them. Mimmy is an opalescent pink color, which is quite dupe-able, I think it is a no-need gloss.. She Loves Candy looks exactly like my Icescape (from Chill). It is a great color yes, but is it a must-have? Definitely no. You would even be disappointed with the amount of color you get (very little).

Glosses I bought are Fast Friends, Nice Kitty and Sweet Strawberry. Fast Friends is on hold in the store atm, 'cos they gave me the wrong one as I said above. It was the best gloss of the collection, I can't skip it, no matter what. It has a sheer color with a hint of purple, luckily, so you can use it daily. It has purple-blue glitter. It makes wonders when used with Big Bow.

Nice Kitty is awesome.. I loved it. I knew I was gonna love it :P I have some similar shade glosses but this one is too pretty, makes a great couple with Big Bow. It alone can be my everyday gloss, sooooo lovely.. It doesn't seem that way in the tube but when applied, it becomes a warm cute pinky color that you will not be able to say no :P Actually I have never heard any bad reviews about this gloss, imagine that.. Satisfaction is quaranteed :P (Should I get a backup?)

Sweet Strawberry was the surprise of this haul :P I skipped it totally, didn't even bother myself to try it. After spending like 1.5 hours in the store, I said why not I try it.. Wow, it is a sweet red/berry color with purple shimmer. Unlike the rest of the glosses (in HK of course), this one is a pigmented color. It can be used itself or with Most Popular, either way it will make you happy with the result. I'm sure of that :)) It can compete with my other glosses to be my favourite and it can be close to first place, maybe even first.. I don't know, I just love it.

The grey nail polish, On The Prowl, was looking so innocent at me at the stand :P I skipped it, thinking I could find a dupe. I still think it is a dupeable color; creamy matte midtone grey, no shimmer, no glitter. You can even find better ones in the US (I'm not sure about Turkey, we have a few brands that make brave nail colors). At first coat, it is uneven, it is streaky whatever you do. You need a second coat definitely to make it look perfect. In the store, I used it on my thumb only, when dried, I saw my hand in mirror and I was like; Can I polish my entire nails :P And my MUA knew what I was gonna say next: I'm buying this baby :Pppp

Final one is Tippy blush. It is a "wow". It is not a normal powder blush, it is a beauty powder blush and texture is different than them. When I first saw it and read the description, "midtone blue pink", I said; well I got tons of blue pinks, skip.. In the store I tired it, along with Fun&Games (it wasn't a unique color on me seriously, just another peachy, apricotish orange color.. I'm fed up with peachy colors, I go for pinks, maybe that's why I felt so). This blush is wonderful! I acted like a jackass and told my MUA that there are tons of similar colors to this one, Pink Swoon and Dollymix being the closest ones.. He said no way, so I made swatches on my hand, along with other pinks but nope. Tippy is different than all of them, when you apply on your face, although some may seem similar in the pan.

Awww I know I talked too much, so I hope this long post accounts for the days I couldn't write :P More reviews are to come, 'cos I had the chance to see Sugarsweet collection and Grand Duos, I ended up buying entire Grand Duo collection (7 blushes :S) and I had a MAC-gasm in the end LOL



maya said...

Hi Marjo,

I love Tippy too!!! At first I also thought that it's like Dollymix or Coygirl or Pink Swoon, but I read on a lot of review sites/forums it's what Dollymix should have been! I just had to get it! :) And I have been wearing it ever since I got it. It goes everywhere with me. How do you like popster? I got Pink Fish and LOVE it.

caprice diyari said...

ayy hepside cok hos bunlarin.

Marjo on makeup frenzy said...

Maya, yea I also thought the same thing but I compared them all in the shop and I also took a photo of the comparison. I love it and wear it everyday since I bought it as well lol.. I looooove popster. The reason I didn't buy pink fish is that it didn't look good on me :( I looked like a corpse :P I'll make a swatch of popster, it's such a perfect coral-pinky color.

caprice: gerçekten harikalar :)

Whit said...

hi marjo! great haul hunny!

Elphaba said...

I LOVE hello Kitty! U have such a beautiful collection!!!


alamadım ben bunlardan :( fırsatım olup gittiğinde kalmamıştı

modanarsist said...

ı love it :)