Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dupe Alert; If you have ..., you don't need ...

(Images are clickable)

Dupe Topics are my all-time-fave's.. I love discounts and loveeee finding cheaper and still high quality alternatives of expensive stuff. I wouldn't buy any offgrade stuff just 'cos it's cheap. It's a big no-no! Anyways, from time to time I'll try to share my cheaper alternatives for your favorite makeup products.. I want to start with Sugarrimmed (S/r)dazzleglass and Snowscene lipglass; if you can't find these two, you can try the others ;)

You can take a look at Flormar's Glossy Splash #01 as a replacement for MAC's S/r. They are pretty much alike. Flormar has similar glitters as S/r, and it's cheaper, it's a drugstore brand in Turkey and is sold in some countries in Europe I think but I'm not sure about US..

There are some glosses I think similar to Snowscene but none of them is literally the same. Snowscene is unique in the sense that it has a unique white color and is the most glittered of my entire gloss collection (well I just assume that, 'cos I wouldn't dare to compare it with my dazzleglass collection :P )..

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