Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eyeko gives free lipbalm with every purchase!

I have been interested in Eyeko since the very first time I saw it on a beauty blog. Their products are very cute, wakes the little girl inside me up all the time :P I want to have every Eyeko thingy and play with them :)) I got an eye on Tinted Cream for like.. ages.. heheh I even had a few attempts to buy it online from their website but I could never. The website gave me problems, I don't know why, it kept giving me an error on purchase part. I'm not a patient person to try it over and over, so I just let it go and forgot all about it until today. I had an offer email from Eyeko, saying that every purchase gets a free rehab lipbalm until February 15. Don't forget to insert the offer code "VALENTINE"

The company, hence the website is located in London, UK so I assume the shipping won't cost me much (at least it will cost less than I pay for US shipping). I will probably give it a shot before this offer expires. My list has of course the tinted cream, fat lip balm (can anyone resist it?) and touch up & glow :)



Vespa GirL Make Up said...

Do you really into Eyeko i didnt know that... Dont have one but will get one i hope (:

By the way your English blog is very nice just like the other one (:

Marjo on makeup frenzy said...

Thanks Vespa :) Yeap I'm drooling all over Eyeko heheh :P