Saturday, February 7, 2009

Make your own MAC List now!

Or you are going to be sooo left behind :P Amazing MAC collections are released and even more exciting ones are yet to come! In Turkey, we are still waiting for BBR (boooring) and I don't know when we are to see Hello Kitty, Creme Team and Well-Defined Collections but who cares my list is ready :P
BBR: (Have to narrow down, due to the entire cuteness of others. I think I'm gonna go broke in the end..)
  • B-Babe l/s (frost)
  • Blow Dry l/s (frost)
  • Marquise d' l/s (lustre)
  • Live and Dye l/g
  • Red Devil l/g
  • Strawberry Blonde l/g
  • Peroxide l/g
  • Knight e/s (veluxe pearl)
  • Brush #226
  • Cutester l/s
  • Big Bow l/s
  • Fashion Mews l/s
  • Nice Kitty l/g
  • Nice To Be Nice l/g
  • She Loves Candy l/g
  • Pink Fish TLC (Tinted Lip conditioner)
  • Too Dolly pallette
  • Brush Collection (not sure about this one, I'll have to check it in person, 'cos I heard its quality is not as good as the original ones but I want the plastic brush holder..)
  • Dazzleglass from couture collection, 'cos it has a silver chain pendant with HK figure made up of Swarovski crystals and is reusable!
Cream Team:
Luckily no creamsheen gloss for me, too sheer for my liking :))
  • Creme Cup (an absolute must-have)
  • Lickable
  • Creme In Your Coffee (Let's hope it doesn't look good on me :P )
I might skip it, after testing the foundation 'cos it is not LE and I have tons of concealers and foundations...
Grand Duos:
All 7 of the blushes *cannot resist a duo blush* :(
Sweet Sugar:
  • Lollipop Lovin' (an absolute must-have)
  • Shadesticks! Yummy!
You really should pay a visit to Lisens Beauty Blog for the amazing Sweet Sugar Promo Picture! I'm telling you, it's amazing.. If MAC organizes a party with these cupcakes I swear I'll buy (and eat :P ) everything!

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