Sunday, February 15, 2009

Top 5 MAC Products To Buy Before You Die!

I got this idea from a silly TV show last night, they were presenting their Top 10 movies to watch and I adapted it to MAC ;) I'm sure most of us have more than 5 must-have products but I just want to pile the most populars.. Here is my "Top 5 MAC Products to Buy Before You Die"...

1. Brushes; all of them if you could afford.. If not, must-haves are (in no specific order) #109, 129, 134, 182, 187, 217, 224, 239, 263..

2. Studio Tech Foundation; found late but fell in love immediately.. The best of the best foundation, it is. I'll talk more about it in my foundation review (which I keep delaying)..

3. Bare Slimshine; I have searched for a good nude lip color for ages, even from MAC I've tried some lipsticks but none of them is as good as Bare. The texture is so lovely, it's like a wonderful combination of a lip balm and a lipstick..

4. Matte; a review is coming about this uber gel. It's the best product in its own category.

5. Blacktrack Fluidline; is the best gel eyeliner I've ever used. The intense black color is hard to find when it comes to eyeliners, most of the black ones I buy, fade into a grey color which really pisses me off. For a solid, flat finish, use Blacktrack alone, for a shiny, watery finish dab your eyeliner brush into f/l and spritz it with Fix+ ;)

What are your "Top 5 MAC Products to Buy Before You Die" ? :)))



ebvata said...

My #5 is Zoomlash Mascara,rest of it totally same:)))

caramel macchiato said...

1) brush (134, 224 (or 217 or 226),187, 109)

2) Syrup lipstick!

3) Paint pot (painterly or blackground)

4)Msf ( so ceylon or petticoat)

5) Select spf15 foundation (the best for me)

anddddddd :)

6)Prep prime face (for my big pores)

7)fix +

8) zoomlash mascara

9) fluidline blacktrack

10 ) bare slimshine

Marjo on makeup frenzy said...

How could I forget paint pots :(((