Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mini Haul :)

This is my super mini haul today. I was saving money for around 1 month to be able to buy everything I want from BBR collection. Yesterday me and my besties got the exciting news from a MUA of our favourite counter and decided to go for BBR tomorrow :P How would I spend my whole day with this excitement? I went to shopping :P Everywhere is full of discounts (thanks to Valentine's Day), I just could not resist.. Plus I needed that moisturizer ok! 

I had this super bad mood because of non-stop working for days and I'm also pmsing severly (don't worry my boyfriend takes care of it heheh). I had zero intentions to buy anything else than some sample jars (for my very first swap, yay) and Lancome Hydrazen moisturizer.. 

While SA was finding a new Hydrazen box to give me, I saw the Teint Idole Ultra foundation from Lancome, which I wanted to try for ages (in fact I saw many stuff and tried quite some also but none of them pleased me). My first impressions are that Teint Idole Ultra is a super-full coverage foundation but it doesn't make you feel that heavy. It does cover scars and acnes as good as my Studio Fix but it couldn't cover the pores near and on my nose. When it is first applied, it feels like there is a mask on your face, it is not looking natural at all.. However, I am very used to this masky-look from my Studio Fix Fluid foundation, I knew it needed 10-15 minutes to settle, so I decided to take a look around while it is setting.. I played with Estee Lauder glosses and lipsticks for a while, then I moved to Chanel stand. There they were.. The beautiful levres scintillantes glosses.. And they had a 30% discount.. I can swear I heard them calling my name :P I picked 3 colors at first, then decided to buy only 1 since I'll be going to see BBR tomorrow.. Anyways back to foundation :P It looked better 10 minutes later in deed, but it didn't give me what I love to get from my Studio Tech heheh. I should tell you that after 5h, it is still not shiny, nor oily. It may be a good foundation for people seeking for full coverage but medium coverage lovers (people like me) may find it heavy and unnecessary, 'cos it might tire your skin if you use daily.. Plus the shade range is very small. At least in Turkey, there were only 5 shades! It is nothing like MAC's perfectly matching shades, makes you feel disappointed once you are used to wear your perfect match, if you know what I mean..

The SA insisted on trying the Inimitable mascara (Chanel) on me, so I gave it a shot as well. It is such a brilliant mascara! I think it is going to be my all time fave mascara from now on. It is too good.. Too good to be real.. I'll prepare a decent review about it later, 'cos light in my room really upsets me at night pictures :/ But it is good, reaaalllyyy good :)))


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