Thursday, February 26, 2009

How do I store my MAC glosses? :)

Ladies and gentlemen.. I'm presenting my MAC gloss's holder, just to give you an idea.. It's a plastic holder (originally a test tube holder, the ones that are used in laboratories), and I love it 'cos I can now keep my glosses organized..

Holes are just wide enough to insert wider glosses such as dazzleglasses and cremesheen glass but not enough to insert MAC lipsticks, unfortunately :(

I also use the empty places for my most-frequently-used brushes :) It saved a lot of space :)

Here are the names in case you are interested in what the glosses are.. Feel free to ask for swatches if you are curious about the shades or just want to see comparisons :)

1-5 (Nudes): Snowscene (LE) - Peroxide (LE) - Icescape (LE) - Cherry Blossom (LE) - Live and Dye (LE)

6-10 (Nudes, Pinks): Love Nectar - Fullfilled - Red Devil (LE) - Nymphette - Palatial (DC)

11-15 (Reds): Melt In Your Mouth (LE, cremesheen glass) - Plus Luxe - Possum Nose Pink (LE) - Venetian - Russian Red

16-20 (Dazzleglasses): 16 isn't from MAC but is like a dazzleglass; Flormar Glossy Splash 01 - Sugarrimmed (LE*) - Baby Sparks (LE*) - Like Venus (LE*) - Ms Fizz (LE*)

21-25 (Dazzleglasses): Glamour OD (LE*) - Glamour OD (LE*) - Love Alert (LE*) - Money Honey (LE*) - Spanking Rick (LE*)

26-30 (From Little Darlings Holiday Set, Pink): Fleur De Light - Song and Dance - Flashmode - Little VI - Magnetique

31-35 (From Little Darlings Holiday Set, Coral): Underage - Ola Mango! - Pink Grapefruit - Wonderstruck - Budding

36-37: Maybelline Watershine Diamonds, 515 and 12..

LE: Limited Edition and DC: Discontinued item.. Items marked with "*" means they were LE when first released but some of them will be permanent with new Double Dazzle Collection (May 2009) but I don't know which yet.. So I label them with LE for now, I will update once the color stories are posted :)



Vanessa M. said...

lmao! where the hell did you get a lab test tube thingie? i want one!

Marjo on makeup frenzy said...

LoL I borrowed *cough* stole 1 from my lab :P I work in lab :P I bought a new drawer and retired my test tube holder. if you want, I can send it to you heheh

♥akisalove♥ said...

omg you have such a HUGE collection!! I'm so jealous!

Charlene said...

i love that u have a backup for Glamour OD...that was my fave one and the one they didn't choose to make sad! :(

Lizzard said...

what a great idea

madammoda said...

Owww gorgeous stock ;))

Schminkmädchen said...

Very organized, love it! :)

naturalnchicmakeup said...

wow great storage! Where did you get the holder?

Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

Omg, what a good idea! I store my lip glosses in martini glasses. I heard Lauren Conrad does that and I thought it was a cute idea, but your way seems more practical.

Thanks for sharing :)